Stage Ultra Plus Energy Package


The NEW Stage Ultra Plus R9 IG units insulate
almost as well as some walls.


A new Ultra Plus-R9 window from Stage Windows High Performance Products achieves an R value previously unheard of in the Canadian market.

The Prima Series Ultra Plus-R9 triple glazed window insulates nearly as well as some walls. Following certification by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), the company’s Prima Series R-9 triple glazing system design was verified to deliver a 0.11 U-Factor (Btu/h/ft² – °F) which equates to an R9 insulating factor.

Achieving R9 performance, which is equivalent to an NFRC U-factor of 0.11 (Btu/h/ft² – °F), represents a major accomplishment and is a result of R&D efforts conducted with Canadian Technical resources, Guardian Glass Industries and Stage Windows team.

The Prima Series Ultra Plus-R9 triple glazed window, was designed using different Lowe coatings and technologies to optimize the energy conservation and reduce losses in both winter and summer extreme weather conditions. In addition to the low-e features, the Ultra Plus glazing system is filled with Argon Gas with silicon expanded foam Super Spacer. To top it off the sealing process utilizes a German high performing Hot Melt with extremely high gas retention rate.


  GLAZING TYPE   DESCRIPTION   U-Value (Btu/h/ft² - °F)   R-Value   Solar HeatGain   Visible Light Transmittance
  CLEAR DOUBLE   CLEAR / CLEAR   0.48   2.08   0.76   81%
  LOW-E DOUBLE   CLEAR / LOW-E   0.27   3.70   0.71   80%
  TRIPLE WITH LOW-E   CLEAR/ LOW-E / CLEAR   0.23   4.35   0.64   73%
  ULTRA PLUS R9   LOW-E COMBO   0.11   9.00   0.22   50%

Standard configurations: 3.0mm clear glass, 90% Argon/10% Air filled. Performance data are rounded and calculated for center-of-glass only (no spacer or framing) using LBNL Window 7.6, IGDB 71.


The above Glass Performance Chart provides an idea of the performance level of a Stage Ultra Plus R9 system compared to more traditional and high performing systems in the industry. THE ULTRA PLUS R9 provides more than 80% higher R-value of a typical triple glazing system.

The best fenestration systems are designed as a combination of frame, hardware and glazing systems. The Stage windows Prima series is a perfect example of this approach featuring a synergetic system with the best features in every single aspect.

Stage Windows and Doors continues to challenge the status quo of the industry to bring a tangible contribution to reduce energy loss impact while improving comfort and quality.


U Value: the total heat transfer out of a window (Btu/hr-sq ft-F ). The lower the number the better the glass.
R-Value: the amount of heat retained by the window. The higher the number the better the glass.
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: the amount of solar radiation which enters the house through radiation. This is expressed as a dimensionless number between 0 and 1. It represents the heat gain through 3mm clear glass.
Visible Light Transmittance: measures how much of the visible light is entering the building through the glass