WinSeries Taxonomy: Prima Vinyl

Bay & Bow Windows

Vinyl Bay & Bow Windows

Vinyl bay and bow windows are a series of three, four or more adjoining window units to add extra space and light to a room. Windows can be stationary, operating or combination. […]

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Vinyl Curved & Linear Windows

Stage specialty windows are available in a variety of curved and linear shapes. Stage Windows manufacturers regular and custom shapes to meet customer’s need. […]

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Vinyl Patio Doors

Stage single-unit patio doors consist of two-panel sections with one fixed and one slider. […]

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awning windows

Vinyl Awning Windows

Awning windows run horizontal, are hinged at the top, and open out from the bottom. A crank handle is used to for easy operation. When open, the window creates an awning effect that provides excellent ventilation without allowing precipitation in. […]

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Hung Windows

Vinyl Hung Windows

Hung windows are available with a single- or dual-operating sash. The sash slide along a vertical track to allow ventilation. They are an excellent choice for areas that face walkways, decks, or porches as they do not open outward. […]

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Vinyl Casement Windows

Casement windows open easily and provide full-height ventilation. They are hinged on the left or right and are an excellent option for hard-to-reach areas. […]

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Sliding Windows

Vinyl Sliding Windows

Slider windows come in three different configurations – single, double butterfly, and end vent to maximize ventilation. They work well along walkways, porches, or decks as the sash do not open out. […]

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